Psychotherapist, Sex Addiction Counselor in NYC


Gail Appel, NYC psychotherapisy and sex addiction therapistIf you, or someone you care about, is in recovery or still struggling with sex addiction, chemical dependency, codependency, childhood trauma, depression or anxiety, you need a psychotherapist who understands these issues. I have more than 25 years of experience working with adults in individual, couples and group therapy who are, or want to be, in recovery.

My goal as a psychotherapist is to help you access your true self, free from addictions and self destructive behaviors. Sometimes this means working through childhood trauma or issues you may be struggling with today.

Psychotherapist in NYC

I work in a caring, supportive, and respectful way to confront self sabotaging behaviors. Together, we work to help you deal with underlying issues which have stopped you from achieving your goals in life, be it creating satisfying personal relationships, finding fulfillment at work, or simply being comfortable in your own skin.

The road to recovery can be a bumpy one, but a good therapist can help you navigate it successfully.

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