Individual Psychotherapy

People frequently seek individual counseling because they desire a one-on-one setting and the privacy it brings. This may be true for you. Do you have an addiction or care about someone who is struggling with an addiction? Do you have relationship problems, job stress, or some unresolved personal trauma? You may be seeking help for depression or anxiety. You may lack self esteem, confidence or wonder what the meaning of your life is.

In those most personal moments, when it is just you and me, there is freedom to share your most vulnerable concerns. I will provide a safe therapeutic place with caring, humor and respect, where you can explore your deepest issues. You may be coming to get sober and need help in developing a “sober plan”, or identifying and coping with triggers. Often a lot of support is needed to deal with intense feelings which emerge when you are not drinking, drugging, acting out sexually or gambling– depending on what addiction you may be struggling with. .

Often people come to deal with one issue and find that others emerge. One man I worked with came for help with fantasy and porn addiction which was putting his job and relationship in jeopardy. After one year of sobriety, abuse issues from childhood began to come up. This childhood trauma had been fueling his addiction. At a careful pace, set by him, we were able to work through these issues and today he is 5 years sober with his relationship and job intact.

There is something profoundly healing about sharing your most personal truths with a trusted witness. I would be privileged if you would allow me to go through this healing process with you.