Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency

One way you can tell if you need to explore your relationship to Alcohol or Drugs is if you have a number of the following symptoms:

  • loss of control; not being able to have just one drink
  • blackouts
  • tremors or hallucinations when in withdrawal
  • drinking despite recurring negative consequences; e.g. DUI, inability to concentrate at work because of using drugs or drinking the night before, fights with significant others when high, etc.
  • frequent morning and/or lunchtime drinking or drugging
  • hiding bottles or drugs
  • sneaking drinks before going to a party
  • hiding bottles of alcohol or hiding drugs

If you are concerned about your drug and/or alcohol usage and you decide to meet with me, I will begin by taking a comprehensive Alcohol and Drug History. I believe that addiction needs to be ultimately self-diagnosed, but, depending on what above symptoms you may have, I will make a recommendation. If I feel you may be an Alcoholic or Drug Addict, I may make one or more of the following recommendations:

  • Detoxification
  • In-Patient Rehabilitation
  • Outpatient Intensive Program
  • Outpatient Alcohol and or Drug counseling/psychotherapy
  • Twelve Step Programs

If my recommendation involves referral to a treatment center, I will facilitate that process. If we end up working together, we will begin by focusing on getting and staying sober. This may involve identifying triggers, “people, places and things” that make it difficult for you to stay sober, encouraging connecting to the appropriate Twelve Step program (AA, CA, NA), working the program with a sponsor, etc.

Because using alcohol and/or drugs may have been a way of medicating painful feelings such as anger, sadness, frustration, etc., you may not be aware of your feelings. The more sober you get, the more access you will have to these feelings. Early recovery can be a difficult time and I will help you identify and negotiate the new feelings you may be experiencing. This may be in individual and/or group sessions.

After about a year of sobriety I often see that some deeper issues begin to emerge. If you have experienced childhood trauma, this may be the time when we begin to slowly deal with these issues.

Whatever you need in your recovery, it is important to know that you do not have to do this alone. After browsing my website I hope you will feel comfortable calling me so that we can work together.