Group Therapy

Group therapy can enhance individual therapy by putting you in a safe setting where interpersonal issues can emerge and you can learn and grow. Sometimes seeing someone else grapple with conflicts you have, can help you appreciate your own struggles and help you learn how to deal with them in a more effective way.

One kind of group can help you deal with a particular issue that all members have in common, such as addiction recovery groups. These kind of groups help you develop learning skills in becoming sober. For example:

  1. Reducing isolation
  2. Acquiring tools to deal with triggers
  3. Recognizing distorted thinking
  4. Learning to recognize your own feelings which are emerging in early sobriety
  5. Developing communication skills
  6. Reducing shame, self-loathing and powerlessness
  7. Developing coping skills and a long-term recovery strategies

A psychodynamic psychotherapy group can help you work on improving interpersonal relationship skills. Groups are like families and give you the chance to work on some childhood issues which have been holding you back in your life.

I once worked with a woman in her 30’s who kept falling in love with unavailable men. There was one group member who reminded her of her brother, who was charming and loving until he reached adolescence when he emotionally withdrew from her. No matter what she did, he consistently rejected her. She realized through her relationship with this group member that she had been re-enacting this history, trying to re-connect with her brother by choosing these unavailable men. As a result of this realization, she was able to work on breaking this pattern and she eventually established a loving relationship with a man who was emotionally available. They got married and are still together.

Whatever your goals may be, whether they are related to addiction or interpersonal relationships, an appropriate group setting can help you confront your issues in a caring supportive way.

I currently have two ongoing groups which have a few openings.

One group is for Recovering Sex Addicts and meets on Wednesday nights from 7:45 to 9:15PM.

The second group is for Partners of Sex Addicts and meets on Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00PM.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.