In my practice I specialize in the treatment of various forms of addictive behaviors, including sex addiction, codependency, love addiction, and alcoholism and chemical dependency. The pages below detail my treatment approach.

Sex Addiction Counseling for New York City, NY

Sex Addiction can be defined as any sexual behavior that is secretive, shameful, or abusive, which continues despite negative consequences. Some sexual acting out behaviors include: compulsive use of prostitutes/massage parlors, prolonged use of pornography, compulsive masturbation, compulsive anonymous sex, compulsive infidelities that include physical and emotional affairs, compulsive use of strip clubs and obsessive sexual and/or … Continue reading Sex Addiction Counseling for New York City, NY

Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency

One way you can tell if you need to explore your relationship to Alcohol or Drugs is if you have a number of the following symptoms: loss of control; not being able to have just one drink blackouts tremors or hallucinations when in withdrawal drinking despite recurring negative consequences; e.g. DUI, inability to concentrate at … Continue reading Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency

Love Addiction

Love Addiction comes in many forms. Some Love addicts are drawn to unavailable people, obsess when falling in love, get addicted to the euphoric effects of romance or cannot end a toxic relationship even if they feel unhappy, depressed, lonely, neglected, or in danger. As with sex addiction using sex or becoming anorexic are also ways Love … Continue reading Love Addiction


Anyone who has been in a relationship with an Addict , be it alcoholic, substance abuser, Love or Sex Addict, is referred to as the Partner or Co-Addict. The partner of a Sex Addict is often referred to as a Co-Sex Addict or COSA. If you are the partner of an Addict, you are in … Continue reading Codependency